Propeto pure veil 100g

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Medical vaseline to protect sensitive skin.

Protects cracks and chaps on hands and foot, roughness of skin and others. 

Japanese Pharmacopeia, White Petroleum

Less sticky, easy spread high quality pure vaseline. 

●Purified white vaseline that contains least amount of impurities. 

●This product is a pure vaseline with no additives. 

●Soft and smooth texture leads to easy application, and suit for sensitive skin as protection.

No preservatives, antioxidant added. Uncolored. Non-scented.

■Covers the surface of the skin well. 

Suit for baby, elderly, and others with sensitive skin.

Dry face (around eyes/ lips)
Continues dry skin
Cracks and chaps on hands and foot.

Tube type container helps the easy application.


Cracks and chaps on hands and foot, roughness of skin, and protection of skin. 


This product is a white to slightly yellow ointment. It contains the following ingredients in 100g:


Japanese Pharmacopeia, White Petroleum・・・100g・・・Protects skin

<Precautions on ingredients and amount>

This product is made of natural ingredients (oil based). It may get soft or melted depends on the temperature. 


Apply directly to the affected part, spread thinly.

<Precautions on use>

(1)Strictly observe the instruction on usage.

(2)When applying to infants, please do so under the supervision of parents.

(3)Be careful not to put the product into eyes. If it does, wash your eyes with running cold or warm water. Also, if the symptom is serious, please consult an ophthalmologist. 

Caution for use

■■To consult■■

1. Following person should consult your doctor, pharmacist or certified seller before use.
(1) Have had allergic reaction to medicines.
(2) have terrible wetness or inflammation

2. If the following symptoms developed, it may be a side effect of this product. In such cases, stop the use immediately, and consult your doctor, pharmacist or certified seller with this document. 

Related part・・・Symptom

Skin・・・Rash/Redness, itchiness

Checklist for the proper use

●Precautions on storage and handling

(1)Keep the product away from the direct sun rays, and store it in a cool place, tightly sealed. 

(2)keep the product away from small children.

(3)Do not transfer the product in to other containers. (It may cause the misuse, or the change of quality.)

(4)Do not use the expired product. 



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