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Vitamin B2

For skin irritation, acne and oral inflation.

High unit of vitamin B groups which are effective for maintaining the health of the mucosa. Works well with oral inflammation, acne and skin irritation.

Active Vitamin B2 works directly in the body to help restore skin cells and fill the skin with energetic cells.


Eases following symptoms:

Rough skin, acne / breakouts, stomatitis, angular cheilitis (swelling / cracking at both ends of the lips), cheilitis (swelling / cracking of the lips), dermatitis, eczema, rash, soreness, inflammation of the tongue, redness of the face associated with the face , Congestion of the eyes, itching of the eyes

*If these symptoms last more than one month after taking this product, please go see your doctor or pharmacist. 

Supplements of Vitamin B2 for following cases:

During physical fatigue, during pregnancy / lactation, during illness and after illness


For an adult, 2 tablets per day includes following ingredients:

Ingredient: amount. effect.

Riboflavin Phosphate Sodium(Vitamin B2 phosphate): 38mg. Maintains health of skin or mucous membrane. Helps the metabolization of fat and generates energy.

Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6): 50mg. Maintains health of skin or mucous membrane. Helps the metabolization of protein and generates energy. 

Thiamine nitrification (vitamin B1 nitrate): 20mg. Helps the metabolization of carbohydrate and generates energy. 

Nicotinamide: 40mg. Maintains health of skin or mucous membrane.

Calcium pantothenate: 20mg.  Maintains health of skin or mucous membrane.


Tarku, Ca carbonate, corn starch, hydroxypropyl cellulose, D-mannitol, gum arabic, carnauba wax, titanium oxide, iron sesquioxide, stearic acid, Mg stearate, cellac, cellulose, silicon dioxide, sucrose, vitamin B2, hypromellose, purulan , Povidone, Macrogol, Hydrogen Phosphate Ca

[Cautions on the ingredients]

By taking this product, your urine may turn yellow. This is because the vitamin B2 contained in this product being absorbed to your body and some of them being excreted.  There is no harm to your body. 


Take the following amount of the product on after breakfast and dinner, with cold or warm water.

Adults (15 years old and older)・・・1 pill per use・・・twice a day

under15・・・Do not use.

[Cautions on use]

Keeping the tablet on your tongue will melt the tablet down and cause bitterness. Please swallow it down quickly.

Caution for use


1.After use, when experiencing following symptoms, they may be the side effect of the product. Stop the use immediately and see your doctor, pharmacist or certified seller with this document. 

Parts of body・・・symptom



2. After use, you may experience following symptoms. If the symptoms continues or develops, stop using the product and see your doctor, pharmacist or certified seller with this document.


3.  If your symptoms do not get cured after taking this product for about 1 month, stop the use and see your doctor, pharmacist or certified seller with this document. 

Checklist for the proper use

●Cautions on storing
1. When storing the product, make sure the container is sealed, and store the product away from direct sun rays, humid and heat. Do no store in a refrigerator. 

2.Keep the product away from infants. 

3. Do not transfer the product into another container. Also, do not transfer other medicines into this container. (The transfer may cause misuse of medicines, and may harm the quality as well.)

4. The tablets may get cracked when dropping the container. Be careful when carrying the container. 

5. Humid and water will melt the surface of the tablet and cause to change the color. Do not touch the tablet with wet hand. Also, do not put the wet tablet back in the container. It may affect the other tablets. 

6. Do not use the expired product. 

7. Even if it is within the expiration date, once the product is opened, please try to use it up within 6 month, from the perspective of maintaining the product. Please write down the date of opening on the inside of the box. 

8. When closing the cap, make sure to push down until you hear the click sound. 


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