How to buy class 1 and designated class 2 pharmaceutical drugs

Please complete a form (will be checked by our pharmacist to ensure for the suitable use of the drug) prior purchase class1 and designated class 2 pharmaceutical drugs.

If this does not fit the purpose use of the drugs after checked by our pharmacists, your order could be canceled by us.

In some cases, we may contact you directly regarding the order.

How to order:

  1. Put class 1 and designated class 2 pharmaceutical drugs in your cart.
  2. Answer "INTERVIEW BEFORE PURCHASE" and click "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT"  * Make sure to answer correctly. *The order is not confirmed yet.
  3. Enter shipping destination information and payment information. *The payment isn't charged yet in this stage.
  4. Check an email about description of the drug from a pharmacist. *If your order does not fit the proper use of the drug, the order could be cancelled and we wouldn't charged for it.
  5. Click the URL (your order information page) on the email, and choose shipping destination information and payment information again.
  7. Receive your order confirmation email.