Vantelin KOWA Pap hot 24 patches

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●This is an antiphlogistic analgesic medicine for external use, and the medicine permeates to ease the pain on muscle or joints.
●Seals tightly, and stretchable pad.  
●For the pain of stiff shoulder, waist, knees.  
●Comfortable warm feeling. 
●The size of the patch is 14cm×10cm. 
●comes with a sealing bag (protects the patches from drying.) 
●When purchasing for the first time, or in doubt, please consult a pharmacist before purchase. 


Shoulder pain associated with stiffness, low back pain, arthritic pain, muscle pain, tenosynovitis (hand/wrist pain), elbow pain (tennis elbow, etc.), contusion, sprain


Out of 100g of ointment, 
Indomethacin 0.5g

[Inactive ingredients] Kaolin, titanium oxide, gelatin, castor oil, (partially hydrolyzed) polyvinyl alcohol, partially neutralized polyacrylate, urea, carmellose sodium, sodium metaphosphate, propylene glycol, D-sorbitol, dihydroxyaluminum aminoacetate, disodium edetate, polysorbate 80, tartaric acid, l-menthol, diisopropyl adipate, macrogol, fragrance, capsicum extract


Remove the liner (plastic film) and apply it on affected areas up to twice a day.

<Precautions for dosage/directions>

(1)Follow the dosage/directions. (2)Use only when having a symptom such as pain or swelling, etc. This medicine is only intended to treat the

symptoms above. It does not cure the original disease that may cause pain or swelling, etc. (3)If the affected area gets wet due to sweat etc., wipe well before use. (4)If you are a person with sensitive skin, it is recommended to test before use by applying a small square piece

(1-cm to 2-cm) on a spot of sensitive skin on the inside of the arm for more than half a day as a rough standard and confirm that any symptoms such as rash/redness, itching or dermatitis is not observed.

Caution for use

■■To be avoided■■
(Failure to follow the directions below may worsen existing symptoms or increase the risk of adverse reactions)

1. Do not use if you:
(1)Have had an allergic reaction to this medicine or any of its ingredients.
(2)Have had asthma.
(3)Are children under 15 years of age.

2. Do not use:
(1)Around the eyes, mucosa etc.
(2)Eczema, dermatitis, wound site.
(3)Affected area of athletic foot/tinea, or of suppuration.

3. Do not use continuously for more than 2 weeks.

■■What to consult■■
1.Ask a doctor, pharmacist or registered salesperson before use if you:

(1)Are currently treated by a doctor.
(2)Are pregnant or may possibly be pregnant.
(3)Have ever had allergic reaction to any medicines, etc.

2.The following symptoms, occurred due to this product, may be observed as adverse reactions. If any of the symptoms occur after use, stop use immediately and ask a doctor, pharmacist or registered salesperson with this outer box.
(part of body) : (symptom)
skin : Rash/redness, itching, swelling, dermatitis, pain, tingling pain, feeling hot, feeling dry, subcutaneous bleeding

3.If symptoms do not improve after using for 5 to 6 days, stop use and ask a doctor, pharmacist or registered salesperson with this outer box.

Checklist for the proper use

●Precautions on storage and handling

(1)Store in a cool and dry place avoiding high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight, with the medicine bag sealed.
(2)Keep out of reach of children. 
(3)Do not transfer the product to another container. (It may cause misuse and deterioration in the quality.) 
(4)To maintain the quality, keep the unused medicine in the medicine bag and store with the opening part tightly sealed by the fastener.
(5)Do not use this product after its validity date (printed on the outer box and on the medicine bag) has expired.

[Other Precaution]
Since this medicine contains capsicum extract as an inactive ingredient, pay attention to the following points:
(1)When the medicine is used for contusion, sprain, etc., use after the symptoms on the affected area, such as feeling
 hot, subside.
(2)After using this medicine, there may be a feeling of irritation when becoming sweaty.
(3)Pay attention not to touch the mucosa, such as the eyes, nasal cavity and lips with hands after using this 
(4)After application of this medicine, do not warm the affected area with a kotatsu (Japanese foot warmer) or electric blanket. (5)Irritation may occur, when taking a bath while this medicine is applied or immediately after the medicine is peeled off. Peel off the medicine more than one hour before taking a bath. Also, use this medicine about 30 minutes after taking a bath.

[How to make good application of the patch]
1.Remove one side of the film.
2.Put the adhesive surface on the affected area and apply while removing the remaining part of the film


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