Vantelin KOWA Pat EX 21 patches

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●Best for...
・hard or chronic pain!
・putting tightly on your joint parts.
・want to use patches that look quiet!
●The active ingredients spread and permeate, and eases pain of muscle and joints. 
●If the adhesive part stick together it can take it off easily.
●Sticks tight on your body. 
●Stretchable on every direction and adherence. 


Shoulder pain from stiff shoulder, waist pain, joint pain, muscle pain, tenosynovitis (pain on hand or wrist), elbow pain (e.g. tennis elbow), bruise, sprain


Out of 100g of the plaster
Indomethacin・・・1.0g・・・non-steroidal antiphlogistic sedative eases the pain on muscles and joints. 

Arnica tincture(0.2g as arnica)・・・1mL・・・extract from Asteraceae Arnica eases inflammation and pain. 

l-menthol・・・1.2g・・・provides refreshing feeling and eases pain. 

●This product contains 35 mg of Indomethacin in a patch. 


polyvinyl alcohol (partially saponified),
Methyl acrylate/2-ethylhexyl acrylate copolymer resin,
Polyoxyethylene nonylphenyl ether, partially neutralized polyacrylic acid, sodium carmellose, sorbitan oleate, glycerin, D-sorbitol, sodium hydrogen sulfite, sodium edetate, thymol, aluminum dihydroxy, aminoacetate, lactic acid, macrogol, adipine diisopropyl acid


Peal the plastic film off, and put it on the affected part. The maximum use is twice per day. 

<Precaution on amount and use. >
(1)Strictly observe the amount and use. 
(2)This product does not cure the disease causing pain or swelling, but only cures the symptoms of pain or swelling. Please use this product only when experiencing those symptoms. 
(3)When sweating, or the affected part is wet, please wipe it off before applying. 
(4)If you have a sensitive skin, please put a small piece of 1-2 cm square of this product on the inner side of your arm for about half a day, and see if you develop rash/redness, itchiness, swelling or other symptoms before actually using the product. 
(5)Do not use this product more than 2 consecutive weeks. 

Caution for use

(Please follow the following or the current symptoms may develop, or will increase the risk of side effect. )
1. Following persons should not use use this product:
(1)having had an allergy on this product or on ingredients contained in this product. 
(2)having had an asthma before.
(3)children aged under 15.

2. Do not use on the following part:
(1) around your eyes or mucus membrane
(2) rash, eczema, or wounds.
(3)athlete's foot/tinea or other suppurated part. 

3. Do not use for long term.

■■Things to consult■■
1. Following person should consult your doctor, pharmacist or certified seller. 
(1) Persons seeing doctor.
(2) pregnant or possibly pregnant. 
(3) persons who have had allergies on medicines.
2. After use, when having following symptoms, these may be the side effect of the product. Please stop the use immediately, and see your doctor, pharmacist or certified seller with this box immediately. 
Part of Body・・・Symptom
Skin・・・Rash/redness, itchiness, swelling, eczema, tingling, hotness, dryness. 

3. If the symptom does not get better after using this product for 5-6 days, stop the use and go consult your doctor, pharmacist, certified seller with this document. 

Checklist for the proper use

●Precaution on storing and handling.
(1) Keep the product away from high temperature, direct sun rays and humid. Store the product in a cool place, sealed. 
(2) Keep the product away from the infants. 
(3) Do not transfer the product into different container. (It will lead to a misuse of the product, or change of quality.)
(4) To maintain the quality of the product, the unused patches of the opened package should be kept in the sealing bag, close the faster sealed and store. 
(5) Do not use the expired product (expiration date can be found on the outside box or the sealing bag.)

[Other descriptions]
How to apply
1 Tear the center film off towards the arrow. 
2 Put the adhesive part on the middle of the affected part.
3 Tear the side films one by one to put. 


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