Vantelin KOWA Liquid EX W 90g

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VANTELIN KOWA LIQUID EX helps the active ingredient Indomethacin to penetrate deeply into the muscles and joints, heal inflammations, and directly relieve muscle and joint pains.
In addition, increased l-menthol and cooling sensations.

No-mess application on wide areas such as muscle pain, pain in the shoulder and lumbago with a minimum chance of the liquid from contacting your hands.

The applicator is designed for hard-to-reach areas of the body, it is recommended for lumbago, pain in the back, and stiff shoulder.


Muscle pain, shoulder pain associated with stiffness, low back pain, arthritic pain, tenosynovitis (hand/wrist pain), elbow pain (tennis elbow, etc.), contusion, sprain


Ingredients in 1g
〔Ingredients〕 Indomethacin
〔Amount〕 10mg
〔Function〕 The nonsteroidal analgesics anti-inflammatory ingredient relieves muscle and joint pains.

〔Ingredients〕 l-menthol
〔Amount〕 60mg
〔Function〕 Soothes itches and gives the skin cool, clean sensation to the affected areas.

〔Inactive Ingredients〕Hypromellose, Disodium edetate, Sodium hydrogen sulfite, Fragrance, Diisopropanolamine, Sodium lactate, Glycerin, Macrogol, Diisopropyl adipate, Benzyl alcohol, Isopropanol


Apply appropriate amount to the affected areas up to four times a day.

<Precautions for dosage/directions>
1. Follow the dosage/directions.
2.This medicine should be applied to children 11 years and older only under supervision of their guardians.
3. This medicine should not be applied to children under 11 years of age.
4. Take care not to get it in your eyes. In case it gets into your eyes, immediately rinse them with water or lukewarm water. In severe cases, immediately consult with an ophthalmologist.
5. For topical use only.
6. Do not use more than 50 g per week.
7. Do not wrap around the affected area with a poor air permeability material, such as a wrap film, where the medicine was just applied.

Caution for use

■■To be avoided■■

(Failure to follow the directions below may worsen existing symptoms or increase the risk of adverse reactions)

1. Do not use if you:
(1)Have had an allergic reaction to this medicine or any of its ingredients.
(2)Have had asthma.

2. Do not use:
(1)Around the eyes, mucosa etc.
(2)Eczema, dermatitis, wound site. 
(3)Affected area of athletic foot/tinea, or of suppuration.
3.Do not use over a long period consecutively.

■■What to ask a doctor, pharmacist or registered salesperson■■
1. Ask a doctor, pharmacist or registered salesperson before use if you:
(1)Are currently treated by a doctor.
(2)Are pregnant or may possibly be pregnant.
(3)Have ever had allergic reaction to any medicines, etc.

2. The following symptoms have occurred due to this product, may be observed as adverse reactions. If any of the symptoms occur after use, stop use immediately and ask a doctor, pharmacist or registered salesperson with the package insert.

〔Related area〕 〔Symptom〕
〔Skin〕〔Rash/redness, itching, swelling, tingling pain, feeling hot, feeling dry〕

3. If symptoms do not improve after using for 5 to 6 days, stop use and ask a doctor, pharmacist or registered salesperson with the package insert.

Checklist for the proper use

●Precautions for storage and handling
1. Store in a cool place avoiding high temperatures and direct sunlight, with cap tightly closed.
2. Keep out of reach of children.
3. Do not transfer the product to another container. (It may cause misuse and deterioration in the quality.)
4. Do not leave the product in any place where it is exposed to high temperatures, such as in a car, as it may cause deformation of a container. Note that deformation of the container may cause sponge head drop out or liquid leakage. Therefore, store the container carefully.
5. Do not touch the mucosa such as the eyes with hands exposed to this medicine.
6. If the medicine adheres to clothes or bedclothes and they become soiled, wash them with water or a cleanser as quickly as possible.
7. Avoid contact of the medicine with metals such as glasses, watches, and accessories, clothes, plastics, the coated surface of the floor or furniture, because the adhesion may cause their deterioration.
8. Keep fire away from this product.
9. Do not use this product after its validity date (printed on the outer box and on the label of container) has expired. 

〔How to use the container〕

Use after saturating the sponge head with the medicinal solution. (If the sponge head is used in dry condition, it may get torn.)

※If the medicinal solution does not come out fully, press the sponge head down on the affected area to make the medicinal solution come out.


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